Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sunshine, Film and Lots of Signs

Went down into town late this morning, passing this interesting door decoration on the way.
That's what you get in a city… 
Popped into this amusingly titled pottery exhibition - the name was the best part about it. 
Good advertising outside the PC repair shop on Walcot Street 
 What else would you expect to find in a shoe shop?
We went to the Little Theatre to see Begin Again, a rather lightweight feelgood film.
Waiting for the bus back up the hill outside the Abbey, looking at  various modes of transportation from feet to prams to buses…
Took Bella out for an early evening walk, and watched the clouds massing over Little Solsbury - thought the skies were going to open at one stage.
Another white buddleia caught my eye. 
Pretty flowers. 
This day a year ago, we saw this helpful button in Homebase - every home should have one!

Sun, Berries, Flowers…

Yesterday saw me walking Bella with this sight of a saucepan on the newsagents' wall catching my eye.
Little Solsbury seen from Malvern Terrace in the bright morning sunshine.
Blackberries are ripening nicely in this spell of sunshine.
Fulsome clump of ragwort in its usual place.
A new artwork assemblage?
Su baked a loaf and some yummy rolls.
In the afternoon, we took Bella for a walk in Primrose Woods and stayed underneath the trees so she (and we) didn't get too hot.
A grand insectarium.
Bees were all over these flowers.
Nice clouds over Bath.
What looks like a pile of old sticks is some animals' home!
The buddleia were out and smothered with butterflies
Looking back up the path.
Rowan berries starting to turn.
Having got the van modifications almost finished, I installed some new memory (the green bit below) in a client's dusty Macintosh - it goes a bit faster now!
This day a year ago, I came across my first ever abandoned fork.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Flowers, Cranes and Van Time

Fell asleeep while working on the blog in front of the TV, so here's a delayed round up of yesterday. Pretty buddleia flowers are all around at the moment, as I saw when I took Bella out yesterday morning.
I liked this combination of mallow and valerian flowers. 
Something that eats bindweed flowers!!! 
We went to the tip (oh, such unbounded joy!), and enjoyed the site of these cranes on the other side of the river where housebuilding is proceeding. 
A close glimpse of the gasometer while we waited for a slot to park up in the tip. 
After a coffee at the Secret Garden Cafe at Prior Park Garden Centre, headed for home and passed this demolition site - where empty flats stood for ages, a new student residence will be built. 
Spent the afternoon working on van improvements (specifically poppers on curtains) and a spot of tree stump removal in the back garden before heading off to Pilates - saw this dubious logo on a car windscreen on my way there.
White buddleia on the way. 
Purple buddleia next to it. 
St Saviour's church looked resplendent in the evening sunshine 
This day a year ago, we were down in the park near Pulteney Bridge, appreciating this statue of Price Bladud and one of his pigs… 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Cake, Wine, Skies and Flowers

Out and about this afternoon to get some bits for the van after our two weeks testing it out, we passed this sign on some traffic lights. Either it's on in the early hours of tomorrow, or dusk will be unseasonally early today!
Shopping afterwards, Su spotted this birthday cake - surely is it is a DIY cake, it should be a packet of flour, some fat and some icing sugar?:-)
Couldn't resist this bottle with a name like that. Maybe Kev at the Sunrise Kafeneion on Symi could trample some of their grapes for a limited edition competitor? 
Interesting skies over Keynsham 
Out with Bella for an early evening walk once it cooled down a bit, Little Solsbury looked pretty good.
It all happens here - apologies for not consulting residents about the amended grass mowing schedule to leave wildlife areas with a QR code for gauging public response!
Our neighbours' clematis is in full bloom. They are moving on Thursday (the humans, not the flowers) so we'll have new people to get to know next door. 
This day a year ago, coincidentally I was admiring our clematis flowers which were enjoying the burst of warmer weather. 

Bury to Oswestry then Back to Bath

Catching up with the last few days, we started Friday morning in Bury, where the East Lancs railway train puffed its way past the campsite a few times before we left.
On our way South and West, we stopped at a service station on the M56 on the way to Chester, where I found bullrushes in the lee of a pylon when I took Bella for a walk.
We headed for Oswestry to see Nikki And Elaine,who was overcome with her chocolate sundae at dinner :-)
Woke up yesterday morning to the rain and the sight of their beautiful garden.
Nikki in one of his more restrained shirts.
Decided that the weather forecast of thunder, lightning, rain and hail were not an ideal recipe for camping with an old dog, and that we had established that the remodelled van had proved to be very acceptable after two weeks on the road. So we headed for home, stopping off for a break at Bodenham Arboretum (where Ben & Lena had their wedding party nearly five years ago!). Su admired the rain on these berries, which made them look like jewels.
Su also spotted these two trees growing out of a tree stump used as a gate post.
We had a drink and a piece of cake in the arboretum cafe, complete with a four seasons mural around the skylight.
The skylight from above - where the lawn is its roof.
Our next pit stop before Stroud saw Bella sunbathing.
This day a year ago - also in the van - we came back from Cornwall, passing Bristol Airport on the way.