Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Inevitable Tulips, Cow Parsley and Dim Sum

Out with Bella this lunchtime after the first instalment of rain, I noticed that the apple trees on the green at the bottom of the road have burst into blossom.
A new bollard to replace the one that was set alight some time ago.
Cow parsley has suddenly appeared in profusion everywhere. This is a sign that the carrot fly will also be about (for any aspiring vegetable growers).
A casualty the winds was this cherry blossom. 
Pretty flowers just coming out. 
And - just in case you thought there might be some relief from tulip pictures - I saw even more of them today. 
Just what you need on the back of your van - a pair of swooping eagles… 
More tulips I'd not spotted before. 
 - and more of the same variety opening out a little more.
Fully open for the rain. 
Our white tulips at the front of the house are sensibly holding back, but our narcissi are happily open. 
Into the car, and a souvenir of of Su's trip out yesterday.
Off to Bristol - we went. What else can you do on a miserable, wet Easter Sunday than go for dim sum?! 
Back home, I had to park the car a street away - which gave me an opportunity to spot some more tulips.
… and another… 
… and still more! 
This day a year ago, I saw this street sign used as a bin and thought "Thatcher's Britain".

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Tulips Galore, Other Flowers and Lichen

A day spent inside until the afternoon.  Bob came over and we played some music, had some lunch and generally nattered for a few hours. Then it was time to take Bella out into what turned out to be a cool breeze. The walk was decorated with even more tulips…
…and more… 
… and more … 
Some other blossom looking pristine in the sunshine  
Surprise, surprise - another tulip! 
The work has been finished installing these powered mini-obelisks by bus stops. Now we'll wait to see what they supply the power to…
Lichen on a wall. 
Little Solsbury looked good. 
Clematis flowers enjoying the sunshine. 
More lichen. 
St Stephens church. 
A great display of blossom at the top of the grassy area just up from the church.
Pyrocantha flowers. 
Heading for home, and hoping we got there before this cloud turned into rain (which it didn't, after all).
How many lines are needed on one corner, which is also an entrance to a driveway? 
 And another tulip…
… and some more… 
… and more… 
… and another… 
… and still more… 
This day a year ago, my eye was caught by this brooding mass of cloud over Little Solsbury - not long before the rain fell on our walk. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring Continues, Coffee Grounds and Bella's Profile

At a friend's house today, I admired this tulip.
Took Bella for a stroll on the golf course in the sunshine.
Fresh leaves coming out in the sun. 
A van from CenterParcs parked at the bottom of the street for some reason. 
Rosemary flowers in the pub garden. 
Without really trying, I produced this pattern with the coffee grounds in my mug. Could be a new artistic direction for me?
A bed full of bluebells in this front garden.
Lichen on a garden wall. 
Decorative stonework over this house window. 
The sun illuminated these leaves. 
We stopped for a moment, and I managed to get a shot of Bella when she wasn't turning her head away from the camera.
 After a lesson in plant identification from Su the other day, I believe that this is actually forget-me-not…
- while this is brunnera. You can see why I confused the two… 
This day a year ago, I was here getting a nail taken out of my tyre spotted during the previous day's MoT test.