Thursday, August 21, 2014

Exploring Gloucestershire, Stained Glass Windows and a Period Bus Stop

Off for a jaunt today to deepest (or highest) Gloucestershire. We've driven past the signs to it often, and today we went up the hill from Nailsworth to Minchinhampton. Period architecture in spades…
This is a 17th Century market hall - similar to the one in Tetbury. 
Saw lots of these signs around - most of them on what looked like former pubs. Not able to sample the brew, so not sure how true the claim is.
A very impressive church spire and window. 
The window from inside the church. 
Another grand window. 
The roof was delicately decorated. 
Spotted this furry parishioner sitting on a pew at the back of the church. 
Another grand window over the way in. 
More delicate decoration on the roof. 
Looking back up the aisle. 
This gravestone has been around so long that it's lost most of its detail. 
Interestingly named organic dairy… 
Plaque on the market hall. 
A grey telephone box - is this undercoated waiting for a fresh coat of red paint? 
Just in case you weren't sure. 
And just in case you weren't a paranoid dog owner. 
Went for a walk with Bella up on the common (which is shared by cows and golfers as well as dog walkers.Found this rather grand bus shelter. 
This day a year ago, I bought these rainbow coloured strings for my guitar - sounded bright!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Road Closures, Supermarket Dogs and Raindrops on Flowers

Off and out this morning, drove past Lansdown Terrace with sheep grazing the grass to the left
On Prior Park Road, written by someone waiting for the Number 8 bus? 
Prior Park road is closed - looks like it's being used to store materials for the scheme to stop Widcombe High Street being a main road
Went shopping after a spell at the Secret Garden Cafe and spotted these happy dogs outside the supermarket.  
Later on, took Bella for a walk and admired the raindrops on this mallow. 
I also liked the way the raindrops sat on these leaves.
Golden rod coming out. 
Walked down to the chemist after that, and saw this notice of surveillance… 
In our back garden, the spikes of veronica continue to delight. 
OUr crab apples are a rich colour. 
This clematis continues to delight as well. 
This day a year ago, Bella had an operation to reduce the swelling in her ear - she was not happy at all:-)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Garage, Kennels and Big Clouds

After all the driving of the last week, it was off to the local garage to check the van's tyres before our next outing.
Doing some shopping on the way, then it was off to the kennels to collect Bella and then on to Chew Valley Lake.
Freedom for dogs! 
Bella happily sniffed her way around our walk. My eye was caught by this umbellifer.
Saw this looming cloud and made it back to the van before the skies opened and my phone ran out of charge - hence not many pictures today.
This day a year ago, before I succumbed to a bout of lergi we went to the eccentrically-stocked Trading Post after dropping the van off to MAD Men for them to the interior conversion.

Monday, August 18, 2014

A Day On The Road

Time to leave our touristic jaunts today. Headed off from our camp site and passed the Conquest Hospital…
Lots of leafy roads in the South East.
Spent a littel while in the obligatory congestion around the M25 but made it home in good time, and great mileage from the van!
This day a year ago, we were down in town to see a film about David Bowie and on the way passed these cherubs on Parsons Lane.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hello Pett

After all our touristic activities of the last week, we went for a walk from the campsite - which is just outside the village of Pett near Hastings. So they have Pett everythings here - from a new Village Hall…
… to a Parish Council (whose pet are they?!) 
Never seen a sign like this before - some nice clover in there…
A Pett church… 
Because it's near Hastings there lots of 1066 references - I guess you ask for William or Harold at this building company? 
What else would you put on the roof of your upholstery business but a statue of a dog? 
Lots of Petts here - we have pet bowls too:-)! 
Unusual sign outside some houses … we had planned to walk down to the sea, but the rain started so we took refuge in a pub for a swift half pint. When it stopped we walked back until it started again, so we too refuge in another handily-located pub where we had another half-pint and lunch. After that, the day has been quite leisurely…
This day a year ago, It also rained - just as heavily as today but in Bath.